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Blood Purification Division


We carefully select Hemodialysis and blood purification-related products and deliver them to medical professionals, through refining a high level of expertise and proposing the best products for customers from our professional point of view. Our Blood Purification Division handles medical devices and pharmaceuticals used in various blood purification treatments including Hemodialysis.


Each of us specializes in the field of blood purification. From our developing expertise and professional point of view, we propose and provide Hemodialysis and various blood purification therapy-related products to medical institutions.





Healthcare and Animal product business


In the Healthcare and Animal product business, we offer a wide range of products, including medical equipments. In addition, in order to make better proposals and to meet the customer satisfaction, we always listen to the needs of the market and work hard with our suppliers. Our mission is to deliver products which could satisfy customers.






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In addition to the products that just can be safely used, with meticulous service, we will do our best to support healthy lives to everyone. Our extensive product lineup, including medical equipment and medical supply which are not available at general pharmacies is our business feature, which can only be provided by a medical trading company.







To provide the best distribution service that satisfies our customers. In medical institutions, blood purification therapy is often urgently required, espeically in emergency medical transportation. Main blood purification-related products are always stocked in our warehouse. In the event of an emergency, we could cooperate with Logipark to respond quickly.





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