• Cardio Model E.V. XC-05T (Color Model)

  • Cardio Model E.V. XC-04T (Clear Model)

  • Cardio Model E.V. XC-05T (Color Model)

  • Cardio Model E.V. XC-03T (Red Model)

Cardio Simulator (Cardio Model E.V.)

Cardio Model E.V.


The optimal model for education, research, and pre-operation training, available at a reasonable cost.
The interior of the heart is realistically reproduced based on actual CT scan data.


As an educational tool, this hands-on model allows for physical verification of the heart’s inner structuring. Six cuts are made in the heart to allow for observation of the interior.


This 3D heart training model combines a soft material with a high degree of reproducibility to support the needs of medical field.
Since training does not require use of a wet lab, cost is reduced, and training can be carried out in any environment.


This heart model is made with soft material, and faithfully reproduces both the inner and exterior structure of the organ.
This dry lab model allows for surgical training, such as sutures and incisions using an actual scalpel.


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Product name
Cardio Model E.V. XC-03T (Red Model), XC-04T (Clear Model), XC-05T (Color Model)
W 130 mm x H 150 mm x D 130 mm
External Structure of Heart
External Right Atrium, External Right Ventricle, External Left Atrium, External Left Ventricle, Aorta (Arch of the Aorta), Superior Vena Cava, Inferior Vena Cava Pulmonary Artery (Right and Left), Pulmonary Vein (Right superior, Right inferior, Left superior, Left inferior), External Left Auricle, Coronary Sinus Vein (Surface only, Not Lumen type)
Internal Structure of Heart
Internal Right Atrium (Fossa ovalis, Tricuspid Valve), Internal Right Ventricle (Tricuspid Valve, Pulmonary valve, Papillary muscle), Internal Left Atrium (Bicuspid Valve, Internal left auricle), Internal Left Ventricle (Aortic Valve, Bicuspid Valve)
Created using data from a standard adult male. We can also provide support for specific alterations suitable for certain diseases, changing the material or parts on the basic model. We can make single unit orders (made to order)
Usage Examples
For dry lab use (as opposed to the wet lab), for training new doctors



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