• Checkme Pro S

  • Measure right away when symtom appears

  • 30 seconds of ECG and SpO2 measurement at once in your bare palms

  • For good quality sleep, checking sleep apnea syndrome

  • Temperature measurement in just 2 seconds from temple

  • Checkme QR code to apps on App Store

Checkme Pro S

Everyday is a medical checkup. Multiple functions All-in-One device.

*Checkme is Medical Device with FDA Approval*



・Electrocardiogram (ECG) result and Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) result can be measured anytime and anywhere.
・Using the Quick ECG mode to measure ECG, when feeling faint or experiencing a rapid heart rate just by placing your hand on the electrode.
・Through daily check mode, both ECG and SpO2 can be simultaneously measured.
・Temperature measurement can be simply done by applying the device around the temple part
・The SpO2 trend mode (over night measurement up to 10 hours) allows to measure Sleep Apnea Syndrome at the beginning stage.
・Pedometer  function has a specific mode to set activity goals such as the number of steps, distance, consumption calorie fat burning and counting time.
・The measurement result is automatically saved into Checkme, and it is also possible to send measurement results to a personnal smartphone and tablet through Bluetooth.
・Checkme Pro S can be also connected to a PC(Windows) with a Micro USB or USB cable to transfer recoded data.


**Checkme is a medical device that is used for consulting with a doctor.**
**The data and results provided by this device are for pre-check screening purposes only.**


For more information, please contact: info@hps-mds.jp


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Product name
Checkme Pro S
88mm x 56mm x 13mm
Multiple physiological parameters
ECG, Pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2), Daily check, Clinical Thermometer, SpO2 trend, Pedometer
ECG External Cable PC-02V, SpO2 Finger Sensor Probe VP-01, Charging Adaptor, USB charging cable (Micro D), Arm band, Neckstrap, Desktop stand
AC100-240V 50/60Hz Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery / Charging method 5.0V 1.0 A via USB



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